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Roman Empire Productions, LLC

Often imitated, never duplicated...

Booking Sales for 2018

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P&P Collectibles started in June 1991 


 Pete Leonard and his son Peter 

Leonard. A fixture at many local 

auctions and antique shows for years, 

they decided to make the plunge into 

the world of dealing. The Summer of 

1991 was a hot one but we learned a lot 

in those three short pivotal months. 

Especially the value of sunscreen! They 

expanded into conducting Estate Sales 

and when eBay came of age they 

dabbled in that. Following Pete’s death 

in 2003, Peter briefly gave up the 

business and after battling some other health issues slowly got back into the 

grind and is currently seeking estate sales.


Hi everyone, this is Pete Leonard, I am going to be upfront and frank. I’m 

not going to blow smoke out of your ass like dad used to say. The world has 

changed drastically since I got into this business back in 1991. Once 

cherished rarities are now worthless and minuscule weird things command 

incredible sums of money. This is a very important tidbit to know upfront 

before any sale. Add to this the local demographics, sales are competitive 

and hard! You may peruse the antique shops of New England and the South 

or the West and say WOW!!! Those prices are not a reality around here that 

is just a fact.


You have landed here via search engine which means you either find 

yourself in the awful position of having to downsize your home or worse as 

the executor/executrix of an estate following the death of a loved one. I am 

truly sorry we have to meet this way, and I know you are probably 

incredibly overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. Well I am here to 

help you through this process and have it streamlined to be very easy and 

efficient. If you want to spend some time on here looking through our 

services and information, then please feel free to contact us via phone, 


or text. Please leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as we 


Thank you…